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Welcome to Stanwal Securities Ltd.

Stanwal Securities Ltd. (RC 182644) was established and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (FRN) on the 6th of December 1991, under the name "Atlantic Securities Ltd." The company changed its name to "Stanwal Securities Ltd," on the 10th of May 1995; to avoid any confusion of identity with other similarly named Brokerage Houses operating in the Nigerian Capital Market. From 1991 to 1997, the company operated as a fiduciary agent for several licensed Securities Dealers, performing marketing operations on their behalf.

On June 20, 1997, the company was licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and commenced operations as an independent Securities Brokerage House with an initial paid up capital of N5,639,000. The Company has successfully continued to function in this capacity from 1997 to the present. The company is conveniently located on the 14th floor of the Stock Exchange House, Customs Street, in the heart of the Lagos financial district. This easily accessible location provides our clients with the convenience of handling all their financial activities in the same area. The Company's unique location also provides the added benefit of placing its offices in close proximity to the offices of the Central Securities Clearing System, and the trading floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

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