Our Services

Currently, we offer our local and international clients the following services.

Stock Brokerage Services

As a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, we provide to private and institutional investors, direct access to the quoted securities offered in the primary and secondary markets. Our commissions for the provision of stockbrokerage services are as stipulated from time to time by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and is currently limited to a ceiling of 1.5% per transaction (buy or sell).

Currently, the Company provides stock brokerage services to more than 10,000 private and institutional bodies including Pension Fund Administrators, Fund Managers, Community Banks and other high net worth investors.

The Company's typical fee structure may be observed here.

Nigerian Treasury Bills & Government Bond Brokerage Services

Stanwal Securities Limited is registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria as an authorized broker/ dealer in Nigerian Treasury Bills and all classes of Government Bonds (Federal, State & Municipal). We offer all our clients the opportunity to trade in these financial instruments.

Derivative Securities/ Financial Instruments

We will offer our client's access to the Mortgage & Asset Backed Securities, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and other derivative instruments that will soon be introduced into the market.

Corporate Bonds, Commercial Paper & Banker Acceptances

Through its long established position in the Nigerian Money and Capital Markets, Stanwal Securities Limited also offers its clients the opportunity to invest in a wide variety of short-term money market instruments and long-term corporate bonds.

Portfolio Management Services

Stanwal Securities Limited provides portfolio management services to corporate bodies, endowment funds and private individuals on both discretionary and non-discretionary basis. We also provide custodial services and administration of investment portfolios on discretionary basis.

Registrar Ancilliary Services

Stanwal Securities Limited assists clients in liaising with the various company registrars and solving particularly difficult problems including:

  1. Replacement of Lost Certificates
  2. Collection of Outstanding Certificates
  3. Replacement of lost dividends
  4. Collection of outstanding dividends
  5. Revalidation of expired dividends
  6. Ardmore Cases
  7. Researching activity on Shareholder Accounts

Corporate Investment Advisory Services

Stanwal Securities is registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission as a broker/dealer licensed to engage in the following activities:

  • Financial Advisory Services: Stanwal Securities Limited provides its clients with buy or sell recommendations based on sound fundamental and technical analysis of the various quoted investments traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
  • Innovative Products: Stanwal Securities Limited (through its established ties with other financial institutions and capital market operators) strives to provide its clients with new and innovative investment products which assist them in meeting their investment objectives.
  • Publication of Financial Market Periodicals: Through its web presence, Stanwal Securities Limited distributes an investment advisory newsletter to all of its subscribing customers. The newsletter provides investors with a general overview of the market, its position and direction as well as provides snap shot commentaries on the market movers (gainers and losers) and company results. Finally the newsletter contains buy/ sell recommendations made by the firm's equities analysts.

Investment Research Services

The Company's Investment Research division was established in June 2005 with the goal of satisfying the ever-growing need of domestic and foreign corporate enterprises for timely, accurate and reliable market research on the various public and private corporate entities operating in Nigeria.

The division collects and supplies fundamental data about both listed and private companies, their directors and key officers.

Stanwal Securities Limited databases offer extensive historical financial data and stock price information on Nigerian publicly traded companies, industry groups, and equity markets. Most time series data in the database begin in the early 1990's, and include:

  • Annual and Quarterly financial information
  • Daily Price and traded volume data
  • Detailed Earnings data
  • Industry Aggregates
  • Historical Index levels and returns

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