Why do business with Stanwal?

As a recent entrant to the Nigerian Capital Market, you will surely require the services of a dynamic and focused capital market specialist with the ability to provide easy access to the following:

  1. The various investment vehicles authorized by the Securities & Exchange Commission and The Central Bank of Nigeria.
  2. Timely and accurate market research on public and private corporate entities operating in the Nigerian Market Place.
  3. Investment advisory and market intelligence services
  4. Buy/ sell recommendations.
  5. Real time information on the status of purchase or sale orders delivered via the internet.
  6. Timely provision of trade documents e.g. Contract Notes, CSCS Statements, etc. Delivered via the Internet.
  7. First class registrar ancillary services.

Stanwal Securities Limited offers your organization all these and much more. Please find below the various services we offer to our domestic and international clientele and affiliates.

Monday, July 16, 2018

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